martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Alive and kicking

This blog is born as an open window to the development process of a small-scoped but ambitious game project.

The purpose of Project Knuckle (working title, of course) is defying the modern idea of what "brawler" games are. In the empty void between the more conservative, 8-bit-like approaches that recently attempt to rescue the genre from oblivion by coating it with nostalgia, and the modern concept of what a XXI century incarnation of a beat'em up is, (in the form of the Arkham series or God of War clones), Project Knuckle will try to open a new space of its own as a modern reinterpretation of beat'em up games. This means, nurturing the arcade vibe we all love, but elevating it to a 3D world while challenging every decision in the process, to get a game that feels fresh but has the classic scent of its precursors.

We are a team of professionals of the game industry who have worked together for several years, and who for years have been mellowing the desire to work in a good brawler. For quite a long time we've let it slowly brew in our heads, detecting the strengths and weaknesses of the genre, and finally the right time arrived when we got to gather up to eventually make it a reality.

We don't have plans (nor time or money) to do a huge game, but a small, polished prototype that, hopefully, will feel like final. All while having a blast in the process, and hopefully sharing the adventure with you.

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